เนื้อเพลง What's Going On ศิลปิน Z-Ro


What's Going On?"

If you love living your life, leave me alone
I live the life, I sing about in my song
They hate me unitl I'm gone, they hate
They hate me until I'm gone, if you love living your life, leave me alone

Fuck everybody lately, cause it was fuck me first
What's the reason for the season, of wanting to see me in a hearse
It really don't matter, because I ride or die for me
Even if they kill me, there's happiness in the sky for me
So if it's death around the corner, I can't stop it if I wanna
Jesus just let me empty my tip, and hit my marijuana
Yeah I seen it coming, nobody gon catch me off guard
Make em look me in my eye, before they break me off Lord
Excuse my attitude, but I'm use to negativity
My life explains my fuck everybody, on each delivery
Some say it's the drugs, others say it's a lack of love
It ain't gotta be a reason, crazy simply just because
Everyday of my life, has been a struggle and pain
So I perform with no emotion, no further need to explain
If you love living your life, leave me alone
Fuck rap, I live the life I sing about in my song

Fuck rap, I live the life I sing about in my song
Nobody in the world loves me, they hate me until I'm gone
(what's going on), realizing I'm going crazy
Everybody watching me suffer, but won't nobody save me
This can't be life, I promise the world ain't shit
I never knew I'd lose my mind, and end up like this
Cause all I think is murder, realizing I'm going crazy
Wait till they get a load of me, it's fuck everybody lately

In my '73, rolling on top of the trails
Let down my window, and let my pistol excel
Disrespect me, revenge gon represent me like a thief in the night
So prepare, for permanent sleep in you life
I'm still a Christian on a mission, but my vision ain't clear
Looking for peace, but all I see is drama down here
So when the going gets tough, the tough pull the team together
Who ride, and get rid of our enemies together
But if you live by the sword, then you die by it
So when it's time for me to go, it ain't no need to cry about it
Cause I done done my share, of wrong doing
Exaturated resolvable situations, and left some homes ruined
Even niggaz, that call themselves friends
They'll be first to try to rob me, and then do me in
So if you love living your life, leave me alone
Fuck rap, I live the life I sing about in my song


(what's going on), realizing I'm on the edge
My every thought is aggravated assault, and get my bread
For the love of money, motherfuckers disappear
That's the very reason, Joseph McVey keep his pistol near
Come and get me, so you can put your hands on my riches
The only alliby I need to squeeze it, and ain't digging ditches
But if I gotta, kiss my freedom goodbye
I tongue kiss my ten millimeter, cause she didn't let me die
That's a down ass bitch, mayn
Unlike my friends, cause just to get some ends they ten to spit names
24/7-365, nobody at my side
They might hit me up, before they help me hide
So I roll by myself, or I roll with Trae
A.B.N. for life, focused on making the world pay
If you love living your life, leave me alone
Fuck rap, I live the life I sing about in my song




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