เนื้อเพลง No More Pain ศิลปิน Z-Ro


Big time...

No more pain, I'm bout to overdose on it
I ain't never had no good times, I put my dogs and my locs on it
Chain smoking, cigarettes back to back
Unless I was pillow fighting with the kids, I miss that
But it's a different day and time, and I'm all alone
With nobody to call my own, different area codes popping up in my phone
Prolly just another hoochie, searching for some sex
It ain't got nothing to do with me, it's all about my checks
If it wasn't for the music, you niggaz wouldn't give me dap
Wouldn't give a fuck about how I'm doing, it's all about a rap
Realizing I ain't nothing, without paper and pen
So Lord forbid I get interect, like the deal she was in
Let me make my mama proud, and she could see me
Cause heaven ain't too far away from the ghetto, but touching it ain't easy
God, give me the victory and bring me out the rain
Give me something, to smile about and

(no more pain), somebody tell me what happiness is
Cause I'm sick, of living so low
(in my life), too many problems bottled up inside
I promise, I can't take it no more
(no more pain), if there's a brighter day let it come my way
Let me see, the sun shine
(in my life), cause I can't tell if I'm coming or going out
Just wanna die sometime

First off, I gotta say that I'm thankful for Trae
If I ain't never told you I love you, I'm telling you today
Cause you made me, keep my head on straight
When I was talking suicide, you made me keep my infrared on safe
Instead of me sleeping outside, you would open your home
And tend to your cousin, even though you had problems of your own
I appreciate you my nigga, it's deeper than rap
Somebody else, would of wanted to see me fall off track
See I remember, when I couldn't afford to get a wing dinner
Put my two dollars with yours, and we split a wing dinner
Doing bad, even though we had our albums selling
The distribution company was stacking, but they wasn't telling
Us steady robbing us blind, with no money flowing
Then we got independent, and we could see our money growing
So maybe now, we could afford to give our people change
Witnessing nothing but better days, and


Now when I say no more pain, let me explain
Cause God will certainly, fence to happy that can't be changed
I use to cry when my friends died, but then I realized
I'm the one, who's still facing hard times
I recall, fiending for my last breath
Cause I was struggling, and still ain't got what I'm suppose to have yet
As far as these women, I've been through so many make-up's just to break up
I'd rather be all alone, when I wake up
No more pain, I'm not insane I'm just hurting
But I been looking for feel good's, 27 years and still searching
If it ain't one thang, it's another
I'm living on memories, when I use to get along with my brother
Since I never been, too much of a man to cry
I shed tears, like it's a nine to five
So to relieve, pressure from my brain
I try not to give a damn about anything, so I can feel




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