เนื้อเพลง Happy Feelingz ศิลปิน Z-Ro


Lately, my luck has taken a turn for the worse,
I used to ride in luxury, now I'm headed for a hearse,
At least it feels that way, my day-to-days is full of sufferin'
My headaches they be relieved by asprin or bufferin,
Am I tougher then my problems, I'd like to think so,
But every time I try to rise all I do is sink slow,
Like I'm out in the Pacific and my vessel capsized,
Seems like I been going through it since I got Baptized,
"It's the Jesus I can feel him all up in my bones"
Cuz' he be givin me game on how to live my life long,
Can't forget about the Angels in the psychiatric center,
Helpin' me to feel like I'm a winner,
Got me takin Lexapro, just so I can improve my mood,
It got me feelin' like a giant though obstacles better move,
Or get flattened in the the process of me reachin' to the top,
Ya'll know that I'm the cream of da crop and all my people say...

Get yo' ass up out my Satan
I got a mansion, robe, and a Crown waitin,
"Never again will you catch me livin in sin,
Cuz when the pearly gates open I wanna be steppin in"

Get yo' ass up out my Satan
I got a mansion, robe, and a Crown waitin,
"I do away with you devils so I can make it to the top
And remain sane even when a nigga dealin with a lot"

I'm all alone but guess what, "that's alright"
Facin' fears and producin' tears, "that's all-night"
See I'm a grown man, but I still cry sometimes
Cuz I'm a sponge soakin up pain, tryna come out the rain
I been doin right all my life, and still sufferin
While murderers and crooks out here bubbilin, I need a break.
So many decisions to make, I can't concentrate,
Cuz everybody in my life is so fake!
All the years that I wasted, lovin' and tryna build,
Wit somebody who was never even feelin' me fo real,
I thought I-had a family, but out the window it went,
With all my legal problems and all this beefin' wit 30 cents.
I'm a loner, pill on the post,
Solo on the corner,
Bitch don't know nothin bout Joseph,
She just want Zro to bone her,
But I'm old school, 'til I'm in my burial plot,
I just need a lady to dig me when I'm dealin' wit a lot


"There aint no happy feelingz in the air,"
So lately I been searchin' for happiness thru my prayers,
Holy father, can you hear me when I'm down on my knees,
I need a bridge over troubled water, save me please,
I'm just a lost soul, tryna find his way back home,
Everything I love has been taken away from me,
Now I'm alone,
But it's all good,
Tell me when the sun gon' shine,
On this nothing ass motherfucking life of mine,
Mama it been 20 years since I seen yo face,
Do me a favor, ask god if I'm included in his grace,
Cuz I'm feelin abandoned like the last man standing
So much poverty and pain this aint the way that I planned it,
All I wanted was to make a lil money and split,
Take care my people and grow old with grandchildren n shit,
I'm still happy, even if my cases don't get dropped,
And remain sane even when a nigga dealin wit a lot





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